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We Buy Gold - We Pay Cash for Gold

Have unwanted precious metals and need CASH

You’ve come to the right place.

Here at The Gold Academy, we pay top dollar for your platinum, gold and silver.

We buy unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry or other items and in return, pay top dollar

We buy unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry or other items and in return, pay top dollar

We explain the entire testing process for the items you want to sell

We do not resell items – we have the gold, silver or platinum melted down to be recycled

We remove all precious stones and return them to you

We offer a cash settlement on the spot, with your approval


A Lucrative Fundraising Opportunity

THE GOLD ACADEMY is one of the originators of Gold Fundraisers in the Southeast and to date we have raised more than $275,000 for worthy causes such as houses of worship, charities, non-profit organizations and other deserving organizations.

How a Gold Fundraiser Works

In this tough economic climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for worthy organizations, that rely on donations, to get by. The Gold Academy has a solution, by offering Gold Fundraising Services. Imagine….the patrons of your fundraiser bring their unwanted gold to your event… and leave with cash! Then, The Gold Academy will make a sizable donation, to the organization.

Why is a gold fundraiser a lucrative opportunity?

  • Sellers/donors do not incur any expense & receive cash for the sale of their unwanted gold, silver or platinum, on the spot
  • The fundraising organization receives a sizable donation
  • Price paid is highest in the industry and based on the price of gold the day of the fundraiser

Gold Party

What is a Gold Party?

Gold Party is hosted by an individual, similar to a Tupperware Party, except the guests don’t have to buy anything! They go home with cash, instead, in exchange for their unwanted, gold and silver jewelry… and the host gets paid for hosting the party.
If you are interested in hosting a gold fundraiser or gold party, please call us at 423.509.3863 or email us.

Gold Buying School

Due to COVID-19, classes will be by appointment only. Learn More


Bill & Sandy
Bill and Sandy formerly from Sarasota, FL, now residents of Fairfield Glade, East Tennessee, are graduates of the first TGA class over 10 years ago.

A fun loving, adventurous couple in their 70s, they have been buying precious metals all across the USA, providing folks a safe and comfortable environment to turn their unwanted gold and silver into CA$H.

Bill, a retired contractor, and Sandy a seamstress, are very particular about details.

People appreciate their knowledgeable skills and willingness to spend time building trust.

Bill and Sandy are looking forward to meeting you and making sure you know you are getting the BE$T price for your precious metals.

“Magic” Bob & Vickie
The founders of The Gold Academy, “Magic” Bob & Vickie Levy, a powerhouse couple formally of Atlanta, now call the Blue Ridge mountain city of Blairsville Georgia, home.

The Levy’s are experts in the precious metals business and love helping budding entrepreneurs learn the industry at The Gold Academy; the only “belly-to-belly” course available in such a digital world. The Gold Buying handbook and hands-on attention that Magic Bob gives his students is unparalleled, setting you up for success from the start.

Lovers of life, people, and business the Levy’s are known for recognizing cutting-edge trends in the marketplace and being heavily involved in community service. A driving force in their lives is giving back to those around them.

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